Maintaining a strategic rhythm can significantly enhance the lifespan of your enterprise.

Anticipating changes is crucial for future preparation and avoiding unfavorable outcomes.

Our capabilities are best suited
for addressing medium and
long-term challenges, rather
than short-term issues.

Our network comprises ethical professionals focused on creating
a better future rather than relying
on outdated and exclusionary
old-boys networks.

Throughout my extensive career,
I have had the opportunity to work in various corporate settings across the globe. From my experience,
I have been fortunate enough to engage in over 13,000 conversations with successful entrepreneurs.

Is there a match?

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Our Expertise


Dharminder Biharie eigenaar van Draqqar. Stuurt op strategische branding, business modellen en strategie.

Dharminder Biharie

Josef Stevens van Sales Bazen. Salestraingen voor commerciele managers

Josef Stevens | Sales Bazen

Author book Sales Topper
Podcast Sales Bazen

Mascha Gerretsen

Author book Content marketing and
community management
Roy in het Veld Interim manager bij At First Management

Roy in het Veld

Advisor At First Management
MD of 350 FTE company

Our relations

We work with the world's major brands and the leading innovative companies.

While "what" can help anyone make sales, we focus on "how" to achieve sustainable growth.


Relationships based on trust.

"Informative and interactive approach, clever how you manage to create so much momentum online and the onscreen actually " disappears "; closeness in the maximum. In the process, also directly applicable: I'm on! Thank you!"

Annelies Meijers

AM Kwadraat

"Good experiences with Dharminder, a short but powerful session to ensure we stay sharp and focused."

Joep Wittenbrood


"He is professional. He thinks of our company more than we do."

Kohei Kamata


Let's make some magic together

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