Is your company prepared for the future?

Stay ahead of the game and find out if your strategies will keep you relevant.

Strong Branding creates stories. Stories create emotions, and emotions create values.

Strong neurodiverse teams build strong Business Models.
Increase sales by up to 19%.

Strategy creates value.
For customers and employees.
So that they can both feel comfortable working with you.

How we think and act

Draqqar helps you accelerate business growth. Insights. Execution.

Our company values an interactive approach that focuses on achieving understanding through action. We understand the importance of getting your business moving quickly, and we won't weigh you down with cumbersome paperwork or lengthy lectures. Our forward-thinking team stays ahead of the game, providing you with the competitive advantage you need to outpace your competition.

At our company, we believe in taking an interactive approach to support businesses in becoming future-proof. We understand that employees working together and learning by doing is more effective than simply making statements. Our goal is to open up the conversation and execute what we learn by taking action every day, week, month, and year. We believe that everyone has talent within them, and our interactive process is designed to help bring out the best in your team.

Agile in rethinking.

Experience counts. 15,000 conversatons in 20 years.

Our partners

We have worked with the world's leading brands and the most innovative companies.

Why? Because we dare to challenge the present circumstances. Companies flourish because of leadership, not of revenue. The revenue is the effect.


Relationships. Based on trust.

"Informative and interactive approach, clever how you manage to create so much momentum online and the onscreen actually " disappears "; closeness in the maximum. In the process, also directly applicable: I'm on! Thank you!"

Annelies Meijers

AM Kwadraat

"Good experiences with Dharminder, a short but powerful session to ensure we stay sharp and focused."

Joep Wittenbrood


He is professional. He thinks of our company more than we do.

Kohei Kamata


Our core services

Offering three
high-end services.

Business model

We assess, enhance, and develop a competitive advantage in the current business model. Stay ahead and future-proof by co-creating an improved business model with customers.

  • Assessment

  • Value design

  • Improve revenue streams

  • Execution


We are committed to promoting ethical and sustainable messaging. Good stories sell and create value that people can remember.

  • Story building

  • Explain your identity

  • From what, to who

  • Fuel for sales & marketing

Value-Based Strategy

Opportunities are determined by customer behaviour. You can grow by mapping them. Throughout every cycle of the economy.

  • Value Mapping

  • Strategy Design

  • Strategy planning

Business Adaptivity Assessment

Each step depends on the management skills and knowledge of the SMT, MD, and C-level. Education is more important than ever in the world of VUCA.

  • Ability to learn

  • Business model strength

  • Ability for self learning organization


News and insights by humans.

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September 5, 2023

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